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With Paul’s Boutique Mabel in town | theModeCode


There is never a day well-spent without my favourite IT items! When it comes the bags, clutches and purses all I could think of is Paul’s Boutique. This long time super stylish love affair always comes up with the real eye-catchers, just like Mabel in a colour-blocking structured version ready for the new season to begin with! Come along and see my favourite pick of their latest collection! Continue reading

Rooftop | theModeCode


“The whole series is black-and-white, so when I went to shoot one of the women I only had black-and-white film with me. She had reddish hair and was a very pretty girl, a nice girl.” – Helmut Newton . There we were .. on top of an empty parking lot staring at the sky and waiting for Olivier Chateau Street Style Photographer making run on my heels! Come along and enjoy the black & white series.  Feel uplifted, and  face the sharp skyline, which dispart our bloody reality from your weightless imaginations.
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Cherry Blossoms | theModeCode


It was a wonderful Monday afternoon! The sun was out, people were enjoying the warm weather to the max. Wherever they could find a little spot of grass or brick at the canals to chill at and get an urban tan in the middle of everything, you could indeed see laid-back locals and the buzzing tourists were applying this behaviour. For us, this day meant to make the official entré of Spring memorable, celebrating all under the blossoming cherry trees in Westerpark among all the hippies, first dates and camping love birds.

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On the Run with PB Avery | theModeCode


It was an early Sunday morning in Amsterdam. I was already up around 6.30 am looking forward to my exciting day ahead of me. After my breakfast rituals with double-persons coffee and ‘franse wkark’ I dressed up, put on a less striking makeup with a funky curly hair-do for this time and hopped on my bicycle to meet Olivier Chateau street-style photographer at our first location, at the EYE Museum on the North side of Amsterdam… We had something special in mind for that day! Visiting multiple locations with Avery from Paul’s Boutique and all captured with his latest favourite, a Hasselblad Xpan analogue camera! Continue reading

Into the Wild | theModeCode


Here we were… Among all the greenery surrounding us! There was a fresh breeze coming through the humongous glass doors separating the downtown jungle from the cold and rainy outside. Hortus Botanicus is always a great idea when it comes to photoshoot locations, which shall not be dependent on any weather conditions. Early, on a Sunday morning we headed to the botanical garden to capture all the beauty of this enchanted place, without photoshopping all the other interested visitors out of the pictures ..   Continue reading

Serendipity | theModeCode


“Serendipity: good luck in making unexpected or fortunate discoveries” – this is how I still felt after having our desert-inspired shoot blown away by AmsterDAMNnn’s snow. I still remember, it was a rather sunny week, when me and Jan Arsenović Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer were just looking very much forward our shoot that upcoming Monday. We planned all to the latest detail, while not even assuming, that ‘ the higher forces ” were just about to hit the city and cover the streets & our “deserted desert spot” in crisp white snow. But still, Serendipity was rising above the winter-streetscape that day and guided us to a place, where the sun was hiding & waiting for us to bath in its raises, play along with the blustery wind around the big white modern block striking on the corner…
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Fashion Week Amsterdam Spijkers & Spijkers | theModeCode


Amsterdam Fashion Week is always the best get-togethering for all the creative and curious! Twice a year, I get my fashion-week-mood on and become excited to get squeezed & pushed in every second, to stand in lo-o-ong – nearly never ending – lines for cocktails and put my effortless party outfit together – which still needs to be sort of bicycle proof in case you are not in a rush otherwise it’s time for Uber – and open my mind for this one-of-a-kind fashion scene of Amsterdam. This time I was very happy to pair up with Jan Arsenović fashion and lifestyle photographer to capture the magical moments of Spijkers en Spijkers on a Saturday evening!
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Hello Amsterdam | theModeCode


Hello Amsterdam! Sometimes, I stop for a minute & wonder if indeed it always seems in this city, as if it was autumn, even-tough Christmas was just around the corner when I met Jan in the city for this photoshoot. I bet, in spring we could have had the same lighting and grainy atmosphere, but only without Xmas decorations and the determined Xmas Light Festival’s tourists crossing the centrum with their tripods and selfie sticks.. Despite of the fact, it was grainy and gloomy this weather also has its charm! Especially, when we had to take 2 or 3 breaks because the sky was about to falling down and cheer ourselves up with a piece of tasty home-made apple from around the corner.  Continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time of the year | theModeCode


They say “It’s the most wonderful time of the yea-a-a-r”.  One would think, it should always be like “Christmas” all year around. Tree or no tree, we should not preach about love, care & togetherness only during the last month of the year, before we’d make our – let’s say it out loud: unrealistic – New Year’s promises such as: pursuing a healthier lifestyle, joining a club to start a new hobby, making room for a little more “me-time”, start radically saving, changing old & non-benefitial habits which are pretty much part of our personality etc… And after 2-3 months of trying hard to accomplish any of the promises, by Eastern all we’d promised to ourselves are already vanished away in self-pity, sadness and self-disappointment. Why would you really want to do that to yourself? Anyways, to get back to our beloved Xmas themed photoshoot with Jan Arsenović Amsterdam based fashion & lifestyle photographer, let us all image warmth, joy, fun and beloved memories of your childhood Christmas Eve’s and Boxing Days and check out our very first theModeCode’s Xmas here, where I hopped on my imaginary puffy clouds, flying to Alice’s Wonderland and build up a cliché – yet stylish– picture perfect Scandi inspired scenery and capture all the Xmas vibes for you! Enjoy!
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