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The Cherry Blossom Park I theModeCode


The Cherry Blossom Park! So many great local places I have already been to, but I would never thought I could come across such a beautiful little enchanting spot in Amsterdam, where a little land is full of odoriferous trees, , beautifully singing birds while sitting in the soft grass under that cherry blossom trees. … All feels like a little piece of heaven, where you can always escape to free your mind from the everyday noise and just to be by yourself to think about the past and to encourage yourself to dream about the future…


Moreover, I find these months are the most wonderful times of the year! It is getting warmer – perfect time for knee A-lined skirts and colour-blocking platform sandals- , the nature is getting more alive & colourful – as well as more uplifting for the creative mind and motivating to go outside, to get ready for the beach season – do not forget to find a bathing suit for the summer! – and people on the street look just so happy to sit in the sun and enjoy a glass of Chardonnay – the best way to pre-check if that opening bar just around the corner is ‘The place to be’ ?!- .


Whites on whites has never really been a daily choice of my wardrobe after my morning coffee & tea till now. But, as we all change like our taste does luckily too (looking back 5-10 years ago ), I have started to fall for these airy & bright white pieces too besides the ash blacks, soft crème-s, vibrant reds and the evergreen navy pieces!

Especially, when you combine a loose fitted cropped top made of a stiff fabric (PU), which keeps its straight geometrical shape and a well-made fitted long-sleeve collared cotton shirt underneath. The essence of this set is hidden in the tailored details: the cuffs, the buttons and the clean cuts of the cropped top.  The skirt’s peachy colour brings forth the dreamy feeling to the outfit. Also, choosing minimalistic pieces in plain colours, can create an outfit in several style direction by choosing the right tones and of course the accessories.


For now, I have chosen my latest pair from the closet: my platform shoes: the platform is made of cork, which definitely caught my eyes: natural, a perfect light brown hue to the monochrome colours and also super comfortable!

This new colour-blocking tote bag also screams: ‘Spring is in the Air!’ The neon green detailing makes it fresh and eye-catching; the polka-dot makes it old-time chick for any occasion, as well as very handy because it is oversized!



And if you think of refreshing your make-up kit inspired by this shoot for the “peachy – beach” season: think of something pure and lively, like peachy blushes, clean eye-liner and nude lipstick!


Curious? Check out the moodboard below or for the Pinterest board, click here!inspo

Wearing: cropped top from Mango; cotton shirt from H&M; peachy skirt – is my creation!; platform shoes from H&M; tote bag from Paul’s Boutique

Styling: Rebeka Kadlicsek ; Photography: Megan Alter Photography ; Location: Amsterdam